“FA has given me the opportunity to grow academically, socially, and professionally.
Great people are part of this organization.”
– Thuan Lam, former president

Benefits of Becoming a Finance Association Member

Networking and Social Events

Networking is to business as oxygen is to life.  The Finance Association provides a friendly networking environment which gives members numerous opportunities to refine their communication skills and build strong networks.  Joining FA is a great way to meet diverse and countless people that share a passion for finance.  Food is provided at most FA events to make your networking experience more enjoyable.

Opportunities and Career Development

Finance Association events present opportunities for members to meet industry professionals, employers, and FA alumni who are currently working or seeking employment in the field.  These contacts could prove to be invaluable in the future.  FA periodically hosts resume and interview workshops to help members prepare their search for internships or jobs.

Extra Credit

Some finance professors may offer extra credit for being an active member of the Finance Association.

Please refer to the FAQ for more details.

Fun and Games

What is the point of being in a student club unless there is a little fun involved?  The Finance Association strives to create a fun environment that everyone can enjoy, allowing people to bond and make friendships that will last a lifetime.

Members receive a free T-shirt and have free admission to Finance Association events.

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